Wild Animal Garden Statues: Turn Your Outdoor Home Decor Into a Wildlife Refuge






Have you ever required your own wildlife refuge? possibly you just have a liking for lions and tigers and bear. While it is not a practical possibility for most of us to own our own combined state there are some things you can do to bring the jungle or forest to your yard or garden.

For could forest scenes, an area of a yard or garden that is populated with large shrubs, shady trees and natural greenery like tall decorative grasses is the great place to display Beautiful garden statues of lions, deer or tigers. Nestle them in the foliage, peering out at passersby. Place them on the edge of the garden plot as though they are emerging from the forest to survey the open plains in the early morning.

If you want to carry the jungle to your home combine trees with wide canopy and climb vine plants to create a jungle atmosphere. Choose from animal statues normally found in the forest like panthers, elephants and gorillas in either relaxed or aggressive stances. For smaller spaces, markets and foxes are proper gear.

Wild animal statues can add that special touch to water scenes. For locations with pond, swimming pools or reflecting pools, there are other statuary such as turtles, tortoises and playful bear cubs. If the location lends itself to a cooler elucidation, perhaps polar bears are a better choice.

now and again you have the perfect tree or landscaped area but it needs something extra. A lazy lioness pausing to rest in the branches or a playful bear cub seeming to run up the chest will delight you and your guests. To create the feel of the outback, try adding a few kangaroos. If whimsy is your cup of tea, mythological unicorns may be more to your liking. And if it isn’t, then a replica of a rare, poisonous Komodo dragon will bring a desolate reality.

Wild animal statues are only as good as their realism. lots of statues are nearly full-size and are life-like replicas. Statues made out of resin usually are the most detailed. Even statues that are not full-size can look great if they are authentic looking.

Animal statues are a unique and attractive way to enhance your home decor. Their use is limited only by your mind. Don’t overlook wild animal statues to accent your indoor home decor too. Lesser ones look great in a foyer or in a corner of a room peering out from behind a plant.


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