Concrete, Metal, Or Resin Garden Statues – What is the Best Choice For Your Garden


 Beautiful Garden statues come in many different materials.  The most popular while are concrete, resin, and metal.  Here are the benefits and difference among them.

actual garden statues:  These are very affordable and are sold in both complete and ongoing styles.  You can get almost any type of material statuary that you want in near any size you want.  The big profit of buying unfinished concrete sculpture is that if you decide to paint it then you will not only get it cheaper, but also get the exact colors you want.

The only bad part about getting material statuary for your garden is that they can get very heavy if the statues are big and they are not as detailed as resin statues.  However, if you live in a high wind area, heavy can be a big advantage.

Resin garden statues:  principally resin is a hard plastic material.  The big advantage of resin is that it takes on any shape in amazing detail.  Because it produces very detailed results you will often see statues of animals, children, and Disney characters made out of resin.

Resin is extremely robust.  It is often more expensive than concrete, especially when you get into larger pieces.  These types of pieces look great in informal gardens.

Metal  statues:  These are generally both very beautiful and rather pricey.  But, if you have a formal garden then a metal statue may be just what you want.  Be aware that many metals used in garden statuary develop a patina over time.  Only you can decide if this is impressive that you want.  Copper statues for instance turn a beautiful shade of green – think the Statue of Liberty.

It doesn’t matter what type of material you choose for life size statues for your garden Just be sure that they suit your style and budget. That way you can enjoy them for many years to come.

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